How Safe is Your Data in the Cloud?

Data security has always remained at the forefront of concerns in today’s tech-driven world. With the emergence of cloud technology, people are realising the convenience of being able to backup large amounts of data online and access them any time, anywhere – as long as they have internet connection. This rids the need to constantly backup data onto an external source like USBs, which pose their own security risks – e.g. if they were to be lost or damaged to the point its data is unrecoverable. 

But as big name tech giants like Microsoft and Apple have become under fire for incidents of data breaches on their cloud services including OneDrive and iCloud, this just leads to the question how safe is cloud storage? Here are the key details you should know so you’re aware and understand how cloud storage security works for your home or business data.  

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What Makes Cloud Storage Safe to Use

Despite the security risks associated with cloud storage, the number of users accessing cloud storage services are estimated to continually increase over the next few years – with good reason. There are key features of cloud-based services that make them great options to safely protect your privacy and backup data from anywhere around the world: 

Data Redundancy

Cloud storage services store multiple copies (typically at least three) of your data in separate locations, which means that for your backup data to be completely lost all copies of your data need to disappear at the same time – known to be an extremely rare occurrence.  

Multi-Layered Security

Many cloud based services are incorporating added layers of security to protect unwanted intruders from accessing your stored information. Dropbox and iCloud have an optional two-factor verification step for its users – ensuring only those who have the right credentials can access cloud data. 

More Access Control

With cloud based storage, users are able to share and send files in the cloud to other users with varying levels of access levels – e.g. restricted to view only or options to edit. Most cloud services encrypt all the data that gets transferred to and from different users, through ‘https’ (secure form of ‘http) if the cloud service provider is on the web – providing more privacy and security. 

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What Can Go Wrong with Cloud Storage

There are two points of privacy data breach that can happen with cloud storage security – from the cloud service provider, and the other from the user’s end. 

Data breaches in Cloud Services

Since many cyber hackers are aware of how much confidential information can be stored in the cloud, privacy breaches are more likely to occur from infiltrations of the cloud service itself rather than malicious attacks on individual cloud storage users. This just means that you should choose your cloud storage provider based on their previous track record of security attacks – how many users were affected, how common these events occur, and how quickly data was recovered (or lost). 

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Data breaches from the User’s End

Data that is stored safe in the cloud is highly determined by the end-user’s level of security measures they use, rather than the specific cloud storage service provider. 

For example,   data can be encrypted using passwords that the user has created. If the passwords are poorly managed and easily accessible by many (including possible intruders), all your cloud data and privacy can be breached – which is the fault on the user’s end, not the cloud service provider. 

As long as users are adequately handling their passwords and credentials to safely backup their data in the cloud, it is unlikely that their information can be leaked and compromised. At we, we offer informative and useful resources to allow you to fully understand the fundamental aspects of protecting your data. 

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The Verdict

Storing data in the cloud has received some bad press over the years, however it’s still a resounding option that many people are continuing to use for all their backup storage procedures. How safe cloud storage is mostly comes down to the individual user – ensuring they adequately secure their passwords, add multiple-factor verification methods and ensure only authorised individuals have access to the cloud data. Cloud-based services have been used by billions of users, and are only projected to keep growing over the years – attesting to its potential in keeping data safe in the cloud especially when they’re confidential and sensitive information. 

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